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Services provided wherever you want - For You, For Home ...

Why use

You will find the best specialists who will perform services in your home or the place and time indicated by you.


  • THE BIGGEST CHOICE. Experienced specialists from all over Poland in one place. Find your health and beauty expert for yourself and your friend.
  • A DELIBERATE DECISION. Compare the opinions, prices and ranges of services provided. Check available dates. Easy and unhurried. In the comfort of your home.
  • QUICK AND COMFORTABLE RESERVATION. A transparent calendar, precise determination of the duration of the procedure and emergency contact to the selected specialist will help in its undertaking. Make an appointment when you get comfortable. See how easy it is.


  • Free use of the portal for people seeking services
  • Possibility of issuing opinions and verifying the competence of specialists
  • The possibility of any number of changes in dates, locations and cancellations of services
  • The ability to view your reservations at any time when you want to check their status
  • The possibility of direct contact with the Specialist - telephone, e-mail


  • A large selection of services provided at the places indicated by you.
  • We have services related to the beauty and comfort of your life, related to both healthy food and failure-free operation of home installations - electrician, editor, plumber, etc.
  • The portal does not mediate mutual settlements between you and the specialist you choose.

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About portal - For You, For Home ...

Get to know our offer and see that it could be easy, nice, nice and pleasant

On the portal you will find the best specialists who can provide beauty services and those that can improve your comfort of life. Our motto and goal is to provide services "for you, for home ..." in the most comfortable way for you. The portal offers all kinds of Specialist services, including they repair your tap, hang the TV, repair power sockets, make up, take care, and (interestingly) deliver farm produce from your "own" plot, which our farmers manage for you and in accordance with your guidelines. It can be said that the portal combines all kinds of small services that you and your family need.

This type of services provided via web portals is more and more popular. It helps to reach Specialists, who are not anonymous due to their presence on the portal, and the fitters of their work will not be a surprise. Our specialists in their portfolio can boast of competences, present their achievements (photo gallery) and describe the sought after services. They can also boast of obtained certificates.

The portal does not mediate settlements between you and the Specialist and allows you to flexibly define the scope of work necessary to perform at the place and time indicated by you. Each service issued for implementation by a Specialist has a predetermined scope, time of completion and price. We hope that the services are perfectly tailored to you in terms of their quality and costs. Thanks to our portal, you can simultaneously order many services performed at the same time by various specialists, so as to save as much as possible. We wish you good luck and we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our specialists at the portal.